After Her First Bath: Here I am holding Julia just moments after her first bath. She didn’t mind her bath too much and never made a peep. Rachelle and I gave her a sink bath in a warm bathroom with steady hands. When we gave Emily her first bath, we were not real confident which probably influenced how much she enjoyed (not at all!) her bath. Julia didn’t mind when we flipped her over or washed her head. Hopefully, bath time will always be so easy!

Little Bit: Emily’s nickname used to be “little bit”, but now that Julia has arrived, we have a littler bit. Since we brought Julia home Emily seems like such a big girl, the nickname didn’t fit anymore. I was holding Emily right after we got home from the hospital, and she seemed so big, I exclaimed, “How did Emily grow so much in just a couple of days!” So now Rachelle and I are calling Emily “Gigantor” (the nickname the Hardees’s”little thick burger” gives the Hardees’s “thick burger”).

Our First (New) Family Portrait: This was taken in the hospital the day that Julia was born. It is our first family portrait with Julia.

Little Kisses: Emily is very curious about Julia.He likes to hold, hug and kiss her sister. She is also very protective of her little sister. When Julia cries, Emily gets either her mommy or me and points at the baby, saying “Help.” It is so sweet.

Drivin’ a Tractor: November 2008 One of our church members has a hayride at his farm every fall. This years’ event was a couple of weeks after Julia was born. Rachelle and I took the girls, so that we could all get out of the house for a while. I think Emily’s favorite part was getting to sit on the tractor. She was so happy just sitting on it and pretending to shift the levers and turn the steering wheel, gave her the biggest grin and brought out much laughter of delight.