Playing with Grass: Acadia National Park, August 2007 We set Emily down on a blanket on the wonderful lawn behind the Jordan Pond House. She studied the grass and seemed to enjoy herself playing with it. (via Photos from Robby Edwards)

Eagle Lake Panorama: Acadia National Park, August 2007 On our way to the top of Cadillac Mountain, we stopped at an overlook to take in the view. I stitched three photos together to create this panorama. The body of water is Eagle Lake, I believe—though I could be wrong. Eagle Lake is the largest fresh water lake in Acadia. Farther away in the distance is Somes Sound, which splits Mount Desert Island almost in half. Somes Sound is the only fjord on the Atlantic coast of the United States. (via Photos from Robby Edwards)

Otter Cove: Acadia National Park, August 2007 A view of Otter Cove taken while I was exploring along the rocks of Otter Point. Cadillac Mountain is visible in the background, towering above the cove. (via Photos from Robby Edwards)

Pot of Gold: Acadia National Park, August 2007 We made our way back to Cadillac Mountain before sunset, hoping to get above the fog that was rolling in over Mount Desert Island. The sun appeared at just the right time. Light streamed through a break in the clouds and illuminated the granite on the summit of Cadillac Mountain. It also treated us to a display of multiple rainbows. (via Photos from Robby Edwards)

Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse: Acadia National Park, August 2007 Photographing the lighthouse on a day like this one (rainy, cloudy, fog rolling in), made me appreciate the necessity of a lighthouse in these waters. This lighthouse is now home to a Coast Guard family. How cool would it be to be a kid and grow up in a lighthouse! (via Photos from Robby Edwards)