Mount Moran and Jackson Lake: Grand Teton National Park, September 2003 Mount Moran rises above Jackson Lake. Taken from atop Signal Mountain.

Why I’m liking (or, more correctly,


  1. It reminds me of my first five years of blogging at when no one read it and I was completely random in what I posted about.
  2. I haven’t figured out how to add comments to it (please don’t tell me how) so there’s no pretense of community. (That sounded down-right unfriendly, I’m sure, but there are plenty of other places where I commune.)
  3. I’m still at that place where I don’t think “I’m writing” when I add stuff to it.
  4. So few people use Tumblr that it hasn’t been invaded by the tech-punditry that will ruin it by demanding more features and a business model.
  5. It hasn’t been infested with people who make posts in numeric fashion.

Been sick, sick, sick. Had a stomach virus all week. Finally starting to feel more like myself.

Early Morning at the Badlands: Badlands National Park, September 2003 Another shot from my early morning spent watch the sunrise on the Badlands of South Dakota.