Prairie Dog Devils Tower National Monument, September 2003
As we were leaving Devils Tower, we stopped for a bit to watch the prairie dogs since this was the first time either of us had seen them. (via Robby Edwards)

Campground View Badlands National Park, September 2003
We arrived late in the afternoon at Badlands National Park. After setting up our campsite I spent some time photographing the landscape from near our campsite. (via Robby Edwards)

Great Fountain Geyser Yellowstone National Park, September 2003
After we left Old Faithful and the other thermal features of the the Upper Geyser Basin, we visited Midway Geyser Basin and then took the short scenic Firehole Lake Drive. We spent some time walking around Great Fountain Geyser. Alas, we were not able to see it errupt, but it was still an impressive sight to behold. (via Robby Edwards)

Gateway to the West Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, September 2003
We didn’t stop at the Gateway Arch, but we did drive past it on our way through St. Louis. So I snapped a shot of it from the I-70 bridge crossing the Mississippi River. It seemed a fitting monument to pass as we headed west. (via Robby Edwards)

Badlands and the Little Mo’ Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Unit, September 2003
The Little Missouri River winds its way through the badlands of North Dakota.
(via Robby Edwards)