Lost in Fog: Acadia National Park, August 2007 As we arrived at the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse, it began to rain. After a while the rain began to taper off and I went down on the shore to photograph the lighthouse. As I was taking photos of the lighthouse, fog began to roll in from the ocean and I noticed this sailboat headed right out into the fog. (via Photos from Robby Edwards)

At the Edge of the World: Acadia National Park, August 2007 Standing atop Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park and seeing the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean before me, I felt as though I was standing at the very edge of the world. We had a great time in Maine. Acadia is a beautiful and enchanting place. Though I think we experienced every type of weather that Maine has to offer except for snow (which I expected at any moment 😉 ). During the morning of our first day, we had very cloudy skies through which the sun occasionally peeked, then it rained, then the skies cleared and it became hot and humid, and finally the fog rolled in. I couldn’t have asked for a better variety of conditions, though it did make capturing the landscape a challenge at times. (via Photos from Robby Edwards)

Lower Falls: Yellowstone National Park, September 2003 A view of the 308 foot plunge of the Lower Falls. This is a scan of the original negative. It was shot on B+W film. My main camera at the time was a 35mm SLR, but we packed my old point and click APS camera with black and white film. (via Photos from Robby Edwards)