Cygnus Constellation

The image depicts part of Cygnus, a northern constellation lying on the plane of the Milky Way.

Cygnus is one of the most recognizable constellations of the northern summer and autumn, featuring a prominent asterism known as the Northern Cross (in contrast to the Southern Cross), dominated by Deneb (Alfa Cygni), a blue-white supergiant star of visual magnitude 1.3, very bright despite its distance of some 3,200 light years from Earth. [**]

Davide De Martin; Data credit: Caltech, Palomar Observatory, Digitized Sky Survey

From Astrophotographer Davide De Martin:

“There is no way to properly present a 2.5 gigapixel image on a computer screen (I am talking about 2.5 billion pixel, or 2500 megapixel, one thousand times higher than a modern digital camera, which can take pictures containing around 20-25 megapixel). For this reason,I thought a videoclip could do a better work showing how much there is in the image. My advise is to watch it with quality set at 720p or 1080p and on full-screen.”