Double Rainbow Sunset:

Grand Canyon National Park, September 2009

My oldest daughter, Emily, loves rainbows. One of her favorite songs is “Over the Rainbow” and she has two rainbow nightgowns. During our trip we saw several rainbows, which delighted Emily. On one of our drives, she kept asking me to drive to the end of the rainbow, and when she realized that I was going to follow her wishes, she started informing the rest of us of the rainbows status: “I can see rainbow, I can see rainbow, I don’t see rainbow.”

So, when I pointed out this rainbow to her she was thrilled. She kept telling everyone who passed by that there was a rainbow.

There is actually a very faint double rainbow in this photo, which I caught by accident. I don’t remember seeing the double rainbow at the time, but when I looked at my photos later I realized that I had captured both rainbows in quite a few of the photos I had taken.