Thomas Jefferson: Colonial Williamsburg, April 2004 Many of the historical figures are represented at Colonial Williamsburg. We had the opportunity to hear Thomas Jefferson speak on a variety of topics. The fun part began when he took questions from the audience. Many people forgot that he was “in period” and talked to him as if he were aware of future events. His puzzlement at the audience’s odd statements and questions was hilarious. Jefferson would also ask members of the audience where they were from. His replies to people who were not from the Colonies, but from other parts of America were hilarious. Jefferson asked one man who was from California if he was Spanish, and the man kept replying, “No, I’m American!” This happened numerous times with Jefferson asking what the individual meant by being an American. Or he’d make a comment that the individual should probably not be so open with his seditious sentiments. By the way, events in Colonial Williamsburg take place prior to the revolution, so all the inhabitants of Williamsburg are (or at least profess to be) loyal British subjects. (via Robby Edwards’ Photos)