Backlit Mount Moran: Grand Teton National Park, September 2003 Storm clouds rolled in late on our first afternoon in Grand Teton, providing a dramatic backdrop at Oxbow Bend.

Finding it hard to believe that Tennessee’s men’s basketball team is ranked higher than the women’s team. Go Vols! Beat Memphis!

Bison Along the Yellowstone River Yellowstone National Park, September 2003
Our first view of bison in the wild came as we were driving up Hayden Valley. (via Robby Edwards)

Maltese Cross Cabin Theodore Roosevelt National Park, South Unit, September 2003
The Maltese Cross Cabin was Theodore Roosevelt’s first home in Dakota Territory. With its wooden floors and three separate rooms (kitchen, living room and Roosevelt’s bedroom), the cabin was considered somewhat of a “mansion” in its day. (via Robby Edwards)

As an aside, it drives me crazy that people like Seth Godin and John Moore are pouring countless hours into creating priceless content as sharecroppers on domains they don’t own.

Photo Matt » Nickel and Diming

Beautiful Jenny Lake Grand Teton National Park, September 2003
On our first day in Grand Teton National Park, Rachelle and I hiked the Jenny Lake Loop Trail, which is a 6.6 mile trail circling Jenny Lake with some fantastic views of the Tetons and Jenny Lake. (via Robby Edwards)