I Can See for Miles and Miles…: Badlands National Park, September 2003 The badlands stretch for miles into the horizon.

Mustard Spring in B&W: Yellowstone National Park, July 2006 Here’s a color photo of Mustard Spring taken during our visit in 2006 showing the yellowish colored deposits around its crater for which it is named.

Inside the Sculptor’s Studio: Mount Rushmore National Memorial, September 2003 This is the sculpture Borglum used as a reference for the presidents on Mount Rushmore. If I remember correctly, the scale is one-twelfth of Mount Rushmore. Basically, that means one inch here is one foot on Mount Rushmore.

Caprocks: Theodore Roosevelt National Park, South Unit, September 2003 Some examples of the caprock formations that can be seen throughout Theodore Roosevelt National Park. The rock on top is harder and more resistant to erosion than the rock below it.

Grand Geyser Group: Yellowstone National Park, September 2003 We were fortunate enough to see an eruption of Grand Geyser, the tallest predictable geyser in Yellowstone. Its eruptions can reach a height of 200 feet, and it erupts in a series of multiple bursts, anywhere from 1 to 4 at a time. There are two other smaller geysers (Vent and Turban) tied to Grand erupting in this photo as well.

UT wins!!! UT wins!!! UT 66 – Memphis 62 What a great game it went back and forth and down to the wire. It definitely lived up to the hype.